Thursday, April 16, 2009

thoughts from the sofa

The boys and I have logged a lot of hours huddled together on the family room sofa, recently. As I sit sandwiched between two sick toddlers watching a Little Bear episode for the 100th time, I suddenly feel a twinge of guilt that I've left chores half done or not started. I resist the urge to get up knowing that it would initiate an outcry from the little bodies quietly resting on my shoulders. My mind wanders off to the to-do list that I started in January. The uncrossed items are ingrained in my head.

- Put away xmas decorations

Most of the decorations are piled up either on top of the dining room table or near or on top of the treadmill. We now fondly refer to treadmill as the 'christmas tree stand'. Previously, it was known as the 'dust collector'.

- Assemble storage units

I bought two storage units last summer in an attempt to organize our cluttered garage and to keep hazardous items locked up from Little Dude's inquisitive little fingers. Summer turned to fall, fall to winter and now it is spring and the boxes remain unopened, probably sitting under a pile of things that need to be put away in the storage units.

- Call Ane

Ane and I knew each other from when life was simple and our biggest dilemma was which club to hit next. We've kept in touch over the years. Today, we each have 2 toddlers and live in the burbs about 1 1/2 hours' drive away from each other. We don't talk on the phone much and see each other even less. When we do talk on the phone, our conversations are never laboured or weird. We laugh and catch-up. It's as if very little time has elapsed in between phone calls. I love Ane and always vow to call her more often after hanging up.

It's a bit like sex with the Good Man. Don't groan. You know what I'm talking about if you have a child who doesn't sleep at night. Sex is the last thing you want to think about knowing that you only have a few hours before your kid cries for you again. But when 'it' finally happens, it feels awesome and you wonder why you don't make a point of doing it more often.

I feel slightly awkward thinking about sex while Little Dude and Littler Dude are snuggled up beside me. I tune back in to our 100th viewing of the Little Bear episode and consider adding one more item on my list of to-do's:

- Sex with GM


  1. Yeah, if I don't put sex on my "to do" list, my husband would never get done.

  2. Your treadmill = my "table" out on the porch. At least I think it's still a table. It's hard to tell. We haven't really seen it in about a year.

  3. TLC, the Good Man cracked up reading your comment. You're too funny. I'm now considering editing out "Sex with" since it's so obviously redundant.