Thursday, April 2, 2009

drum roll, please ...

I've finally found pseudonyms after much experimenting and stressing! Earlier posts have been updated. Still happy with my choices. Meet my boys ...

Little Dude
Just turned 3. Funny guy. You have caused much graying of hair but, boy, do you make me howl with laughter.

Littler Dude
Only 1 1/2 but is no push over. Already speaking. Dimples. You'll be the topic of many more blogs soon.

The Good Man
Bringer of bacon. Maker of great waffles. My (silent) partner in crime. You love it when I blog because it means you get to play your online game without guilt.


  1. Great choices.

    And I can hear the laughter in this photograph. Best sound in the world (second only to sleeping silence), isn't it?

  2. Between reading this blog entry and CK's blog where she interviewed Gibby, I think I've been officially moved to give my kids their own stealth nicknames for blogging purposes. Will have to give it some brainstorming, which means I owe you both for giving me something to OCD about in bed tonight when I should be sleeping...

  3. Have just come accross you and your blog. Like the names!! x

  4. Great names a an even greater pic of happiness!!!!

  5. that's a picture they will cherish forever. Very well captured. And nice names!