Tuesday, April 28, 2009

about an eyeball

If you're a parent, you can relate to how it pleases me to the Nth degree to get to the stage where my boys are able to express their wants and needs, as well as their aches and pains. When LittleR Dude points to his finger and says "hurt" and it isn't bleeding, I know without a doubt that all he needs is a little kiss to make it all better. When I'm awakened by a cry that could wake the dead (never mind the sleeping) at 3 in the morning, I no longer have to play a guessing game with Little Dude whose language skills are way more sophisticated than his younger brother's. He's able to tell me that it's the outside part of his ear that hurts (from bumping it on the bookshelf) and not the inside (i.e., he has an earache). Hearing "it hurts only a little" is very reassuring to me and keeps my worry-wart tendencies at bay.

Life is ... no ... was good.

Maybe I'm still sulking from being woken up at 5:49 am by Little Dude today. Or, perhaps, I'm just in a funk because LittleR Dude thought that it was "funny, mommy" ... yes, he actually said that ... to dump his milk all over his poopy self while we were at the mall on the day that I didn't pack a change of clothes.

Maybe I'm just in a really bad mood today ... because I really don't find it funny to hear Little Dude complain and screech out, "I've got an eyeball, mommy! Mommy, I've got an eyeball in my eye!"

It seems that his father ... yes, today, he is not the Good Man but the father ... his father has responded to Little Dude's complaints of having something in his eye with "Yeah, you've got an eyeball" one too many times. So now Little Dude is going around screaming bloody murder about having an eyeball in his eye.

This morning, Little Dude's nursery school called to say that he threw up after eating a cheerio. After determining that (1) he didn't have a fever, (2) he didn't throw up his entire breakfast along with the cheerio and (3) he is now fine and participating in the activities, I hung up the phone relieved. Then I wondered, OMG. Has Little Dude ever screamed out "There's an eyeball in my eye" at nursery school?

We've been trying for some time now to correct Little Dude and failing miserably. Today, he took it another step further and actually rubbed sleep from his eye, held a crusty bit up to me and said, "Look at the yellow eyeball on my finger, mommy."

His father could be heard snickering quietly in the background.


  1. Awww...come on. With a face like that, he can yell about eyeballs all he wants. While you give his father wet willies and wedgies.

  2. LOl at evenshine. And I feel for you. The weather here isn't helping any either. I'm in kind of a bad mood too. But this post made me smile :)

  3. Ha ha. That's so cute (as a reader)!!! Maybe it'll be cute for you in a few years too. You see - that's the good bit about blogging - all the little stories that you can share with your dudes when they're older :-))

  4. What a BEAUTIFUL child you have. And at least it was about eyeballs and not boogers. My daughter loves to hand those yellow things over to me. And when I'm not really paying attention it gets pretty disgusting...

  5. My "little dude" likes to scream "Mommy! HELP! HELP! HELP! at the top of his lungs whenever I'm... say, going potty or on the other side of the house. I race to him only to find that the big blood and guts emergency is...

    ...the elevator on the Little People's garage is stuck.

    I swear! Effing Little People.