Tuesday, April 21, 2009

boobies and gorillas

Little Dude and I are sitting against propped up pillows and cuddling on the guest room bed. We're watching his favourite train video before naptime. I look down and see him poking at his stomach folds. He hasn't lost all his baby fat yet, I think to myself. His brows are slightly knotted. I wait for a question.

LD: Are these boobies, mommy?

Me: No, they're not boobies. That's your tummy. You don't have boobies.

LD: Do you have boobies?

Me: Yes, I do.

LD: Does daddy have boobies?

Me: No, he doesn't. Only girls have boobies.

LD: Only gorillas have boobies?

Me: Only girls have boobies. Mommy has boobies. Nina has boobies. And, grandma has boobies.

LD: Does grandpa have boobies?

Me: No, he's not a girl.

LD: Are you a gorilla, mommy?

Me: Yes, I'm a GIRL.

LD: And, only gorillas have boobies.


  1. Too cute. I just love the reasoning... I have boobie questions all the time. My two girls are obsessed with them!! (But at least they're girls)!!!

  2. Thats too cute. You handled it well too!

  3. Classic! This is a worthy addition to the speeches at Lil Dude's wedding!!

  4. You're lucky you have gorilla boobies. Mine are like little chimps'. ;)