Saturday, April 11, 2009

haiku horror

I wrote my first haiku since grade school today:

White vomit explodes
From little mouth & nostrils.
Squirm in your chair cheesy, yes. I'm trying to find humour in what has been a very long and exhausting day with my boys: Cling-on One and Cling-on Two. Both have some kind of weird stomach flu virus or food poisoning or strep throat or meningitis. Sigh. Dr Google wasn't much help.

All is quiet now. Get better soon my poor little lambs.


  1. you poor, poor thing. (them too...but mostly you.)

  2. Oh, that's awful. Hope they are feeling better.

  3. Oh how hideous for you. You have my sympathy. They will be fine I'm sure. You, of course, may never recover. x

  4. oh I hope they are doing better now. After every 'sick' phase, mommy needs a spa break or something.