Friday, September 25, 2009

friday thoughts

On a typical day, I am dressed and having breakfast by the time the Good Man leaves for work. But not today.

This morning I corralled the Dudes into the upstairs playroom and showered with the bathroom door open. I laughed at myself while washing my hair, knowing that in a few minutes I will turn off the water and listen intently for signs of life from the boys.

This morning I heard total silence and fought the urge to race out in the buff to investigate what great misfortune occurred in the 5 minutes it took me to lather and rinse. Crap. Why aren't they fighting over toys now? Anything is better than silence!

I waited. Ahhh. Little Dude is talking. A few more seconds and there. The muffled giggles of LittleR Dude.

[Sigh.] I can dress in peace.

I'm now sitting at the kitchen table watching the boys play outside. Little Dude is trying to interest LittleR Dude in a dump truck. "Do you want this?" he offers while trying to sneak his other hand on the toy excavator that LitteR Dude is playing with. This negotiation technique worked like a charm not too long ago. LittleR Dude is not falling for it today. He turns his back on his older brother and quietly says, "No, thank you." This polite exchange will progress into the all too familiar whining, screaming and crying, no doubt. I wrap my hands around my coffee mug and hope for a much quieter outcome.

The boys are bundled up in their fall gear. The morning air has a sharp nip making summer feel long past. Some leaves have yellowed and are scattered on the lawn. The boys play with the fallen leaves only briefly before returning to their construction vehicles, running them through the rocks under the Japanese maple as they often do.

The leaves remind me of my blog ... ignored but not entirely forgotten. It seems that blogging has become one of my many passing past-times, like scrapbooking, sewing and running. I haven't done any of these activities in months or years. It's been weeks since my last blog entry. Longer since I've read the blogs on my fave list. LitteR Dude's 2nd and my 43rd birthday came and went without a single post. I feel a tinge of guilt.

No motivation. Lack of time. Absence of inspiration. Lots of procrastination. My excuses are lame.

Until next time, my dear blog.

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