Sunday, March 1, 2009


My Littler Dude, at the tender age of 1 1/2, is a huge book fanatic. Get anywhere close to his vicinity while in the familyroom and he will shove a book in your hands, collapse into your lap and demand that you begin reading. Other times, I will look up and catch him flipping through a boardbook 'reading' quietly. His favourite books are well thumbed through, if not falling apart at the edges. I absolutely love this side of him. In this world of video games, computers and tv dominating many children's lives (as well as my husband's and mine), I hope that he will always maintain his love for books.

My favourite part of the day begins shortly after lunch when we settle into the little orange sofa with a big pile of books. I love feeling him sink deep in my arms and watching him slowly drift off as I'm reading. The last few days, Littler Dude has been sick and hasn't felt like reading much. I miss our naptime routine terribly and will grieve the day when he no longer wants to sit with mommy to read.

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