Thursday, March 12, 2009


My little funny guy, in a few hours, you will wake up and you will be three. You've grown so much. You're clearly no longer a baby. You demand your right for independence often, yet you can be so needy. I would really love to rocket you through the trying-three's, if I could. Though at times, I find myself wishing time would stand still so I can savour my moments with you a little longer.

It seems just a short while ago that you started speaking. I think your first words were:
1. moon
2. miyat (cross btwn cat and meow)
3. juice

Now, you ramble endlessly about everything and nothing but still can't pronounce "L". No matter. Other letters or sounds are good stand-ins and I always know what you mean when you say:
1. Where's my baboon?
2. I had dots of munch
3. I dove you

Asking "why?" has not reached obsessive levels yet but you will repeatedly ask:
1. Where are we goning (going)?
2. Are you happy?
3. Do you have a peepee?

My favourite Little Dude-isms are:
1. I pooped on the job
2. That's dirty cake (referring to chocolate)
3. That's mommy dog, baby dog and 'Little Dude' dog

You do the quirkiest things:
1. Order, order! You like your trains, blocks, shoes, everything lined up or piled up perfectly
2. Boundless energy: you never get tired or dizzy of running in circles
3. Cocktail anyone? Whatever we happen to serve you to eat and drink often gets mixed together in your cup. At first, we tried to discourage your cocktail creations by asking you to drink your concoctions. You did. And, you liked it!

You have yet to achieve these important milestones:
1. potty training

2. dressing self
3. sleeping through the night, consistently

That's okay. You're an expert at so many other things. You will do these in due time. Besides, who's ever heard of a healthy 16-year-old who poops his pants willingly and wants his mommy to dress him in the morning and help him get back to sleep at night?

Happy Birthday my funny man. Don't grow up too fast. 'Dove' you 'dots'.

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