Tuesday, March 10, 2009

chick magnet

My almost-18-moth-old was pursued by a cute 16-month-old blonde this morning at the mall. The little girl spotted him as he was walking past the food court. It might have been his adorable dimples that caught her eye. Or maybe she was only trying to track down the origin of the little squeaks (coming from his shoes). Who knows?

The scene played out like this. Her hands were outstretched trying to hug or simply just touch him. He remained always 3 steps ahead of her. She would stop, looking dejected. He would stop the second she stopped, turn around and smile at her. Encouraged, she began her pursuit again. The cycle of starts and stops went on 4-5 more times. Poor girl.

Making a mental note. Must teach my boys not to toy with little girls' hearts.

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