Saturday, February 21, 2009

the big w

After ball hockey this morning, Little Dude's coach offered him a Timbit from TH's very familiar SnackPack box. I wasn't surprised to hear daddy decline and was impressed to hear him counter Little Dude's many "I want some" pleas with a question instead of a negative. "Want some what?"

"I want some meatballs," Little Dude demanded. We all laughed. Little Dude giggled, nervously. And, that was the end of that.

No, Little Dude has never eaten Timbits. Yes, we've frequented TH, as well as Mickie D's, way too many times to keep count. So don't be fooled by my last blog ... we do stray from the homemade organic meal ideal, often.

One day soon, Little Dude will have his first Timbit. We might even hear him beg for a Happy Meal once he figures out that it always comes with a toy. For now, I'm content with keeping him guessing about what's really in a TH SnackPack box and hearing him unwittingly exclaim, "Look up there, mommy. A big W," when we drive by the proverbial golden arches in the sky. Although, I do correct him and say, "You mean, a big M".

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  1. oh how cute! yes, they figure it out too fast that the toy comes with the food! very nice blog,