Thursday, February 12, 2009

sleep, my babies, sleep

My babes are both asleep. For the night? Only time will tell. But not likely for my dear Little Dude. We have a library of self-help books, now gathering dust. We haven't given up. We just know that, for Little Dude, it's ... well ... complicated. We're not sure what we did right with his younger brother who seems to look forward to our night time routine of bath and books before being placed in his crib still awake. Often, he goes down without another peep even when not feeling his best.

Earlier, about a half an hour after being put in his bed, Little Dude found the Good Man and I in the kitchen. We were surprised to see him standing there smiling at us. It's been months since he's come out of his room after bedtime. He giggled and then announced, "I had a good sleep!" Oh, my baby. If only it were true.

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