Wednesday, December 30, 2009

off to cough myself to sleep?

I'm sitting in bed, unable to sleep, recovering from the flu and pneumonia. My fever broke late last night but the coughing lingers. I'm thinking back to a recent tweet. "Off to cough myself to sleep," a mommy blogger wrote. I thought it was clever. Now I realize what an impossible thing that is. A nagging cough, especially one accompanied by thick green phlegm, does NOT induce sleep. Quite the opposite really. And so I sit in bed reflecting on a multitude of things.

My in-laws are here. The morning after they arrived I woke up unable to get out of bed and here I've remained since, except to see the doctor and get an x-ray. I worry that I will pass on the flu to them but am also glad that they're here to help the Good Man with the boys.

I've only seen glimpses of the boys over the last three days. In my more wakeful states, I listen for them wondering if they've noticed my absence. I missed the gift opening with grandma & grandpa last night but could hear the boys' squeals of joy from my room. The Good Man also instant messaged me some photos ... Gotta love technology and a man who tries to include you in family events if only virtually. It was a sweet gesture, though I must admit, was hard to enjoy as I had reached my daily dose of Tylenol and was sufferring through severe body aches and chills.

My in-laws leave tonight. It was a short visit but a timely one. I'm so grateful. I'm not sure if the Goodman and I could have managed as well without them. I'm sorry I wasn't able to spend anytime with them but would be even sorrier should one or both of them come down with this awful flu.

Wishing all good health.

And, now maybe to sleep.

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  1. Aww, Darlin... sorry to hear that you are sooo sick. I had pneumonia earlier this year as well. Never been so sick.
    Hope you are feeling better soon ;)