Thursday, December 10, 2009

just shoot me

I don't know what possessed me to think that an impromptu photo shoot would result in a Christmas card-worthy photograph.

The inspiration:
I noticed that the boys were dressed in coordinating colours.

The downfall:
Teething-induced relentless drooling (Don't let LittleR Dude's smile fool you. He's been a salivating, miserable little guy all day, as in this photo) ...

... plus an equally incessant runny nose ...

... make an attention-deficit and very uncooperative second child.

Merry @%$#-ing Christmas Grandma & Grandpa!


  1. Oh I don't know - I think you can get away with the top one! Very cute - and no one need know what you had to go through to get it! Hope they all cheer up x

  2. Wonderful pics...
    Thanks for sharing. The trouble you had doesn't show at all. Well done. :)