Sunday, May 17, 2009

priceless moment #1: beach in a box

Plastic box with lid ... $12.96

Two bags of sand ... $ 5.94

Mini steel dump truck & front-end loader ... $17.98

Beach in a box to keep two brothers occupied and happy while mommy (the non-gardener) does some much needed weeding and pruning in the garden for a few days ... PRICELESS

The first day I tried to garden the boys followed me around with their shovels. I thought they were playing very well until I realized that they had dug up a couple of pail loads of decorative stones/rocks (ground cover) from the garden and dumped them on our patio.

Time to get a sandbox to keep my shovel-happy boys occupied.

I went online and was mortified to find that I had to part with at least $50 to score a plastic animal-shaped sandbox with a lid. I also found a monster plastic construction sandbox that came complete with a plastic excavator arm, a plastic dump bucket and a plastic lid that doubled as a rugged play surface for plastic construction vehicles (shown online but not included with the monster price tag).

A small cheap box with a lid, some sand and a couple of well-made construction vehicles. Now that's more like it. Ahhhh. Weeds begone!


  1. Awesome! I'm 20 minutes from leaving the house to get our plants for spring planting, so I could not have read this entry at a more opportune moment.

  2. Well done for being so innovative! Children liek nothing more than making a mess, so if they can make a mess and at the same time you can contain it (to a degree) then that's even better!

  3. Seriously, this is a genius of an idea, I am stealing it right now. Right away. Although, how do you stop them from putting the sand everywhere? First thing the spud would do is spread the lurve about the rest of the garden!