Saturday, May 2, 2009

photos for grandma & grandpa

A Facebook friend slammed my last post and made this wall comment, "Loved the pics, but the text was too damn sappy. Keep it real baby." To which, I laughed and hope that he finds the text attached to this second (and final) series of photos oozing with sappiness.

* * * * * *
Dear Grandma & Grandpa,

Yesterday, we played outside with water and this plastic tube thing that you fill up and then drops of water come out of the bottom. LittleR Dude played with it for like forever.

Then he heard a plane go by and started looking around for it and got all wet. Good thing mommy put him in a splashsuit today.

I wanted to play with the awning but my mommy kept nagging me not to touch the twirly thing coz it could come off the hinge and land on my head. Whatever. I did this for like forever.
LittleR Dude finally dropped the plastic tube thing and started drawing stuff on the ground with wet chalk and kept complaining that his fingers were "ditty". He did this over and over again for like forever.

I played with the boats in my brand new super huge waterway system that took mommy and daddy like forever to build. LittleR Dude and I learned some new words that night but we're not allowed to say them.

Then it was time to go in to have lunch and LittleR Dude started putting all the stuff away in the bucket, singing "clean up, clean up". He's such a neat freak.

Today, I got to twirl LittleR Dude around and around on daddy's office chair.

Then LittleR Dude got hurt somehow. I didn't do it. Anyway, I kissed him better.

Then, I got to sit on the chair too while mommy spun us around and around for like forever.

We love you & miss you,

Little Dude & LittleR Dude

P.S. I can't wait to play with your trains when we come to visit this summer Grandpa.

P.S.S. Mommy says to tell you that, "Yup. That's me standing under the awning next to a very dead Christmas tree shaped rosemary plant." She has all kinds of Christmas stuff all over the house still and it hasn't been Christmas for like forever.


  1. Love your "sappy" text still ... :)

  2. I love the office chair shot. What a beautiful family you have!

  3. The little brotherly smooch melts my heart.

    I say bring on the sappy, baby!

  4. It had to be a guy who made that comment!! Sappy is good. And besides your kiddies are too cute so sappiness is allowed!