Sunday, July 12, 2009

more on table manners

We were reminded of how important it is to enunciate when speaking to Little Dude about table manners the other evening. During dinner he demanded, "I want some corn. I WANT SOME CORN!"

"What happened to being polite? I'd like you to be polite," the Good Man insisted.

Little Dude looked puzzled for a moment and then said, "Here you go," handing his daddy a plate.

As for LittleR Dude, he seems to think that the dinner table is some sort of ballet bar. So far, enunciating my wishes for the table to remain foot-free has not helped.


  1. Oh bless those little feet - too cute...just curling over the edge!! Altogether way too cute to tell off!!

  2. Love those feet on the table.

    On your table, I mean.

    I can't stand it when my girls put their feet on my table.

  3. I could just eat 'em. In fact, when my baby stops putting his toes up on the table, I'm installing a ballet bar and requiring that he shove his little toes on it so that I can admire them -- until he's about five. My oldest is five, and she has foot stank. Nothing edible about those toes 'tall...

  4. awww why are baby toes so cute. I can't kiss my baby's toes enough.