Saturday, June 20, 2009


For all the squabbling over toys that happens between the Dudes, I'm proud to say that teamwork is a concept that they understand and display with great regularity.

Like two days ago, I found myself in a house way too quiet not to take notice. I went to investigate what the boys were up to and discovered that Little Dude had figured out how to work the double locks on the sliding doors. He let not only himself out, but also his younger brother. I found my two little escapees happily playing in the backyard by the sandbox. I laughed out loud when I saw them because, even in their rush to get outside on the patio that was still very wet from a recent rainfall, they remembered to put their boots on. It is usually LittleR Dude who insists on wearing shoes before going out so he, no doubt, convinced his older brother to wear their boots, bringing them to him, as he often does.

Or, yesterday, the boys were working on a puzzle together. I watched quietly as Little Dude handed a puzzle piece, one at a time, to LittleR Dude who then put it in the correct spot. I did a double-take. Yes, in fact, it was my 21-month-old completing the 15-piece puzzle and my 3-year-old playing the assistant.

Folding the laundry was a family affair for awhile. Little Dude just loved it and got so great at folding the face and hand towels that ... well, he lost interest eventually. These days it's LittleR Dude who comes running when I announce it's folding time. He insists on taking the towels out of the basket, crumpling them up in a ball and handing them to me to be put in the 'folded' pile.

As for yard work, the boys are all over it. They are out there, mowing the lawn with the Good Man every time.

Teamwork is a lovely, lovely thing.


  1. So sweet... Folding the laundry is also one of our family activities. My son would run over and reminded me that I could be missing out all the "fun" if I don't join. :)

  2. I love happy posts like this. What a great family you have.

    My daughters are the same way together. Makes me happy to be a mom.

  3. Bless the cuties! It's little things like this that makes it all worthwhile. Glad things are looking up xxx